DSC04573Author, physician, wife, mother, grandmother, women’s rights and human rights activist, traveler, photographer, artist, hiker, pilot, knitter and marksman, with many more interests and so little time to do them. Our German shepherd mix Valkyrie and black Lab, Gracie, are great company on long walks. Husband Tom and I have lived in Whitefish Montana near Glacier Park for nearly three decades.

Retirement has given me more freedom to write and finish pending projects. Living in Alaska in the 70’s, dog mushing,  remote flights, climbing Mount Rainier in WA State, surviving a life-threatening light plane crash in the snowy mountains of Idaho, surviving breast cancer and a year of chemo therapy have given me strength and great writing ideas.

I have been writing for about 15 years and have completed 8 books. My indie-published nonfiction books are:

Eyes of a Pedophile – Detecting Child Predators
This true crime is based on the life and crimes of Nathanael Bar-Jonah. I hope you will read Eyes of a Pedophile on Kindle, identify pedophile characteristics and intervene to save innocent children from victimization.

Your Heart – Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease in Women, Men & Children. This is a science-based health reference. Blog:

Modern Birth Control – Contraception, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Sexual Assault

Fiction books in process include a medical thriller series, a romantic intrigue, a bio-thriller and a mystery co-authored with my sister Bev. I hope to have four of these published in 2016.

In Montana Women magazine, my sister Bev and I write the monthly LipstickTall Grass Logic column on women’s health. We are also in final edits on: Secrets of Loon Lake, a mystery set in Northern Minnesota resort country in 1960. blog: Lipsticklogic

3 Responses to THE AUTHOR

  1. laurensgrossman says:


    Perhaps you remember me from North Valley ER. I was commuting from CO and working part time. I have followed you in bits and pieces since. You are a great inspiration. I myself am not a writer but I just started taking a writing course and am mostly intimidated! I have had a list of health care issues that I’ve wanted to write about for years and thought it was time to get going. Please let me know if your Flathead group schedules a conference that a newbie might attend.

    Cheers and happy 2013,

    Lauren Grossman

  2. Hello Betty, You write so well, it is an inspiration. I won’t be able to attend the conference this year – children, grand children and greats call from southern California. I am very involved in my businesses, writing for my business blog and once in awhile for my personal blog. Thank you for keeping your pen moving.

  3. Dear Dr. Betty,

    It is with great anticipation that Blue Heron Loft awaits the availability of Eyes of a Pedophile from Amazon Kindle. Due to the prevalence of news coverage about criminal acts against innocent children, the timing and release of your book is sagacious! Thank you for your perseverance to research and write about this very difficult subject. Education is key to aid in identifying and incarcerating pedophiles (for life!).

    It was a pleasure working with you to create a book cover that is certain to attract readers.
    Wishing you a best seller!

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