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Birth Control 2016  is a simplified science-based explanation of the biology of reproduction, current methods of birth control, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, the diseases and their treatments. Sexual assault information, details of reporting, and self-protection are included. This small reference contains essential information for men and women to know, and to discuss the topics with each other and their maturing children.

April is designated as STD Awareness month by the CDC. For additional information: CDC – STD information

Please write a review on Amazon. Share the free offer with others and encourage friends to read the updated information.

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Yesterday morning this beautiful sunrise caught my attention after I’d been up writing for a couple hours. The view is from my deck looking toward Bad Rock Canyon and the west entrance to Glacier Park. I love watching the sky changes each morning at sunup with varying colors painting the clouds, like my fascination of flickering flames in a campfire. It is true the most brilliant colors are just before dawn.

During my years of working long hours in medicine, I didn’t write every day like I do now, but I still found time to write. I actually completed the first three, and outlined two additional volumes, in a medical thriller series  – in addition to a bio-thriller and a romantic intrigue. But, before final edits on the fiction, I felt compelled to complete the three nonfiction books I have published, all with important timely medical information.  Author Page on Amazon

Now that I have more time after retiring from medicine, I am focused on completing edits and honing the many manuscripts for publication or submission to an agent. Work got in the way in previous years, now I have no excuse. However, I do get sidetracked with other writing projects. For example, my sister Bev and I co-authored a novel set in 1960 in Northern MN. We are in another rewrite on that. We also share writing a monthly magazine women’s health column. In March, I took a play-writing class (one person play) from a friend who is a renowned playwright. I loved it and am making progress.

Later this week I’ll have another blog regarding my latest book, Birth Control 2016, available on Kindle free on April 30th and May 1. I hope you will take advantage of the offer and share it with your friends. More information to follow.

DSC04573Betty and Valkyrie at Whitefish City Beach last fall.

Val is 13 1/2 and doing great.




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Coffee Traders – Birds on a Wire

004Last week an author friend and I were invited to be guests on an hour-long radio show. Each Thursday morning from 10-11, the internet radio show “Birds on a Wire” is live from Coffee Traders in downtown Whitefish, MT. This documentary series is about life in a coffee shop…who, why and other. Caffeine helps people “chirp” and it’s cheaper at home but, at the shop, one gets to meet and greet who else is …on the wire.”

For years, at this Whitefish location author friends have met to share writing concepts, critique books, plan conferences, and solve imminent world problems. If you would like to join us for coffee, show up at 0830 on Tuesdays and Thursdays or listen to our recent conversation by clicking the link above, go to “Birds” on February 11 th.  Lavonne Mueller, playwright, and I had fun talking with hosts Sandy and Richard. 029 013

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February is National Heart Month!

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death, but
with the right knowledge and actions, it is preventable.

We’d like to share our heart health guide FREE as a Valentine gift for you, your friends and family members. Click on YOUR HEART and it will take you to the Amazon purchase page where you and your friends can download a kindle copy of YOUR HEART FREE. 2016 Promo Graphic - 2

If you are healthy and want to stay that way, or if you are overweight, have diabetes or heart disease, our book Your Heart, can help. It provides the science behind coronary artery disease with actions to improve health and longevity, including information on the 5/2 Mediterranean diet. This is a healthy way to maintain your weight over a lifetime. It’s easy and it works. Overweight children show signs of early heart disease. The book contains information on how to keep kids healthy, too.

Please share this link with everyone! Your Heart

Happy Valentines Day and Have a healthy 2016.

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Who are the Pedophiles?

Learn Pedophile Characteristics and Save a Child

In February 2012, Daniel Sayers, an NYPD auxiliary police officer who retired after 37 years of service was arrested for child pornography. He owned a children’s sports club for 25 years and coached young children. His massive photo stash of naked boys involved in sex acts gravely concerned the department he had worked with so many years. Federal law has criminalized possession, manufacture and distribution of child pornography.

Joining the ranks of pedophile priests, school teachers, police officers and judges, prominent sports figures and university coaches have had child sex abuse allegations filed against them in the past year. Parents often worry about their children being victims of stranger abductions and teach them to avoid parked cars and strangers asking for help. But naive caregivers are unaware that most child molesters are men they know and trust, friends and relatives who are sexually attracted to children.

Pedophiles commonly have collections of photos, typically of children they have molested and those of the age and sex they desire. In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the American Psychiatric Association designates pedophilia as a mental illness. This complex disorder of thought and desire typically begins in young adolescent males and extends over a lifetime. Intense sexual fantasies about children may be fueled by pornography. Years in prison and counseling are ineffective.

Because pedophiles often operate in plain view and in positions of power, they usually display normal behaviors and are difficult to detect. They may be generous and helpful, offering to care for children. Youth pastors, scout leaders, special education teachers, babysitters, coaches and fitness coaches, are common positions where you will find them. For example, a retired Yankee baseball player and a youth coach in Oyster Bay, NY, was arrested for victimizing an 8-year-old-girl player.

Pedophile photosA number of key pedophile characteristics are: unmarried men with few or no friends their age, in homes with child attractants such as a game room set up for children, and collections of toys and videos for kids. Teens who hang out with younger children bear close watching. If you see a combination of these elements, be cognizant of child reactions in their presence. When a child tries to avoid a certain uncle, babysitter or situation, be vigilant and follow their cues. Abused children are usually silenced by their molester with fear and cannot initially disclose the harm they’ve endured. (Photos are convicted pedophiles including: a priest, father, brother, grandfather, teacher, doctor, etc.)

Pedophiles become adept liars concealing their deeds and showing no empathy for the children they harm. Parents must learn to watch for pedophile traits, teach their children safe behavior and to report any incident that makes them fearful or uncomfortable.

Until recently, many child victims were not believed because abusers are often friends or prominent community figures. Families concealed known or suspected abuse. They did not want to bring out scandal by exposing the abuser. But they fail to consider how their inaction causes harm to future victims.

When crimes against children are hidden, the victimized child is abandoned. Even if the molestation stops, without treatment the traumatic effects of abuse may last a lifetime. Abuse or suspected abuse must be reported to child protective services and to the police. Pedophiles cannot stop. They must be prosecuted.

Dr. Kuffel is the author of Eyes of a Pedophile: Detecting Child Predators.
The book is available on a special price reduction for the month of February for $2.99.

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2016 Update

20151214_100642It’s winter in Whitefish. A great time for writing, unless you’re a powder hound. Whitefish ski resort has 108 inches of snow at the top, 10 inches of new powder yesterday. It snowed much of the day today. With such distraction, we have to organize our reading and writing goals to fit in other fun and ski days. When a friend of mine says, “I’ll be at the office today, I know she means her “snow office.”

I’ve been busy writing over the past year, but haven’t kept up with blogging.  My plan this year is to publish blogs on various topics on this site and 2 additional: (women’s health, but men are welcome) and One goal for 2016 is to edit20151225_102611 (Medium) (2) and publish a number of novels I’ve written over the past 15 years. As they near publication, I’ll provide information for some great sales … free book promotions. I have finished four books in a medical thriller series, with two more in process. An editor requested the first one. I’m finalizing it for submission in a few weeks.

The Authors of the Flathead group is a lively bunch of industrious writers always willing to help others. If you are interested, you can attend meetings, free. If you want to join, it’s only $25/year. We have educational meetings three Thursday evenings each month and occasional fun parties. Thursday, February 4th at 7 p.m., Dennis Foley will be presenting at FVCC Broussard Building room 141. For information, go to the website:

Our annual Flathead River Writers’ Conference is already shaping up with many confirmed presenters. It is scheduled for October 1 and 2, Saturday and Sunday. Save the date!

Eyes of a Pedophile – Detecting Child Predators will be on sale at the reduced price of $2.99 at both Amazon and Smashwords throughout the month of February.

This true crime book is based on the behavior of sexually violent predator Nathanael EYES COVER ANN RULEBar-Jonah. I used his life of crime to help readers identify predatory behavior and keep kids safer. The information was obtained first-hand from victims, law enforcement, his trial and sentencing, supplemented with Bar-Jonah discussions and letters after his incarceration in Montana Deer Lodge State Prison where he died. This book should be required reading for all parents, grandparents and childcare providers. Sexual abuse of children is common and often goes unreported. Few families are spared. Reading the book may help you save a child.

Smashwords link: Eyes of a Pedophile

Amazon link: Eyes of a Pedophile


In association with the American Heart Association’s National Heart Month, I will announce a free day for you to download my book on heart health. Your Heart includes information on the 5/2 Mediterranean Diet. The easiest way to eat right and improve health for life.

 Your Heart – Prevent and Reverse Heart DiseaseYour Heart Book Cover- Finalwfontchg.2

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April Update

  • Update on Writing Projects: Bev and I have made progress on our Minnesota mystery set in 1960. We will soon have comments from beta readers that include a women’s book club on Long Lake near Bemidji, MN …  located not far from the fictitious town of Loon Lake. We are looking forward to critiques from true Minnesotans! Secrets of Loon Lake is the first in a Minnesota mystery series.
  •  We began with the concept of a cozy mystery but the book took a few dark turns and isn’t very cozy. A writing friend of mine says it’s as a cross between Lake Wobegon and Psycho. You’ll have to make your decision.
  • Secrets will be available on Kindle and in paperback from Amazon (and in local bookstores) in mid-May.  In August, we’ll have a number of book signings in Northern MN and will be featured by The Spoken Word at an event on August 23rd at 4 p.m. at Sparkling Waters Restaurant in Bemidji. We hope many of our high school friends and others will join us!snip it cover as JPEG
  • My friend Mike Potter’s long bicycle ride through South America terminated at Cabo San Lucas at the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula. He had a terrific time. Mike returned to MT to spend time with his ill mother who has improved. Following her heart surgery, he’ll be off on another adventure.
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Mike Potter is off on another fat-bicycle adventure, this time from Tijuana to Tierra del Fuego … yes, to the tip of South America by fat bike! He left home in December and began riding south on January 9, 2014. He is currently about half way down the Baja BajaPeninsula. A friend is riding with him, at least part of the way. If you would like to watch their progress and follow his video blog, you’ll find Mike at:

Mike is a former newspaper owner and is an ex-military media expert who enjoys fitness and healthy eating. His line of Relaxed Chaos food and recipes is evolving.

For this trip, he is loaded down with his usual camping gear and high end photographic equipment, but is carrying emergency supplies and extra tires. This trip will take him through isolated country and dangerous terrain. He is carrying a satellite SPOT beaming his location to a map we can follow on his website. You can also follow him on Facebook.

On a clear fall day in early September 2012, Mike Potter began his first fat-bike odyssey riding the perimeter of the US. He doesn’t do anything half-assed. It’s all or nothing with Mike. On the first journey he covered 6,762 miles and returned to his home in Whitefish MT for the summer. Now, he is off on another adventure! Yay Mike!

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IMG_8960Secrets of Loon Lake is the first of a series of cozy mysteries set in Northern Minnesota lake country in the 1960’s. The first draft was written to completion between March and July of this year. It has been in the making for about ten years but it took retiring to actually get down to the writing. Fine tuning and revisions are nearly done.

I live in Montana and am writing the series with my sister Bev Erickson who lives on a lake in Northern MN. The fictitious setting of the mystery series is much like Cass Lake our childhood home. A friend and author in my critique group described the book as “Lake Wobegon meets Psycho” which doesn’t sound too cozy. We have had great fun developing the characters and writing together long distance using Drop Box to share the manuscript.

Drop Box is a wonderful free cloud service useful for everyone, not just writers. Using the service you will find it is easy to share documents and photos with selected people for selected files. This also provides a backup of your work and is accessible from any computer, even your smart phone. If you haven’t checked it out, find the information at

Bev and I plan to publish The Secrets of Loon Lake on Amazon Kindle and Create Space paperback in early 2015.

Fatal Feast has been swirling in my mind since the outbreak of mad cow disease in Great Im000534Britain in the 1990s. This is a thriller set in Montana based on the spread of mad cow disease by terrorists who penetrate a high risk laboratory. The story is finally ready to share after extensive research and many iterations. I plan to submit a couple of agent queries and if I have no takers, will publish it on Amazon within the next couple months.

2014 has been a very busy year of writing for me, but I have not been keeping up on my three blogs. A New Year’s resolution is to do better. You might be interested in checking out my other blogs: (This is a health blog for women.), the other is related to heart health with updates If you have a resolution to get healthier in 2015, this blog has current science-based information on heart, weight control and Type 2 diabetes.

Best wishes in the coming year.


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Keeping Kids Safer from Pedophiles

51-7zjnViaL._AA160_April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month 2014


$3.99 KINDLE e-BOOK  &  $9.99 PAPERBACK

 Kindle: $3.99

Paperback: $ 9.99

One-hundred-fifty children are abducted in the US each day—fewer than 10% of them by strangers. Abduction risk is highest from men known to the child and who have access—friends, relatives, babysitters, teachers, preachers….

Two primary types of child molesters are Stranger Abductors and Groomers.
Child abduction is a huge concern. FBI task forces, specialized local police units and numerous alerts are devoted to combating the problem and rescuing the child as soon as possible.

However, most people do not realize children are much more likely to be repeatedly molested by people known to the family and child-caregivers…people the children have learned to trust.
But the groomers are people in your home and places thought safe for kids. This most common type of pedophile preys on children by endearing themselves to both the family and child.

Groomers are typically males you learn to trust. They are child hunters who camouflage their actions. This allows them to victimize children and go undetected for years, some over a lifetime.

These child molesters exist in all professions and all levels of society throughout the world. They are teenagers, youth leaders, priests, cops, fitness and athletic coaches who gain your confidence before molesting your children. You may not believe they would do such a thing and disbelieve the child who has the courage to report the abuse. This allows victimization to continue. The child is abandoned to the pedophile.

Frightened children will often not disclose their abuse because they are ashamed or silenced by the abuser. The child may have experienced threats of violence against them or their family. Sometimes photos are used as blackmail. Predators tend to target needy children who may be lonely. Homeless shelters, single mothers and children in families where drug use is ongoing are at high risk. Pedophile boyfriends often target a single mom with children of the age they desire.

So what exactly is a pedophile? A mental illness in which mature males have an intense interest in sexual acts with children. The cause is unknown. Victims of molestation and violence do not necessarily become molesters…there is an entity called the cycle of abuse where some who are abused as children grow up to become violent against women and children. Some pedophiles use this theme as an excuse for their behavior. Most abused children do not, themselves, become abusers. As Andrew Vachess aptly stated: Evil is a matter of choice.

Neuroscience suggests functional abnormalities in two brain areas: the amygdala and the limbic system. The amygdala is crucial for stimulus reinforcement such as the fear response. The limbic system governs emotions. Studies are ongoing to identify determinants for pedophilia.

Are pedophiles psychopaths? Many of them are psychopathic. Like Nathanael Bar-Jonah, the pedophile whose life of crime is described in detail in my book Eyes of a Pedophile: Detecting Child Predators, they often portray the following psychopathic traits: No empathy for victims, no remorse, take no responsibility for their actions and are effective pathological liars. Bar-Jonah was so believable, mothers left their children in his care.

Is there effective treatment? No. In an 8 year California prison study on sexually violent predators, there was no difference in re-offense between no treatment and 8 years of intensive psychotherapy. Castration, removing all testosterone stimulation, is not curative. Desires and fantasies persist and they continue to victimize.

What are pedophile characteristics? Many of their behaviors are normal and only taken in accumulated actions does it become obvious the man is unusually interested in children and seeks out close friendships with them. Taken as a single action, the behavior may not be suspect or abnormal. Some examples are: offering to babysit, tickling, wrestling, gifting children repeatedly with expensive items, taking many photographs or unusual poses, home with a room devoted to children when he has no children, single, lives with parents, few friends…many more. One red flag is a single man who travels to hotspots of child trafficking such as SE Asia.

Free PDF Download of a common pedophile characteristics is available on this website.

How can we keep kids safer from molesters and abductors? Vigilance and reporting. If you observe 2-3 actions of concern, never leave your child alone with the individual. If your child reports inappropriate touching, REPORT THE ACTION TO CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES AND THE POLICE.

I have been accused by a few of preaching to parents about how to raise their children. Education is the road to success, but even knowing everything, bad things happen to good people who are diligent in their child care.

I am more sensitized to stopping child abusers than many because three of my relatives were victimized by pedophiles. Like so many pedophiles, none of the perpetrators went to prison because of failure to prosecute. The rapists must be reported and prosecuted. In recent years when so many victimized people have come forward and found acceptance, I hope more victims will report. Children are unlikely to report due to fear and feeling they will not be believed, especially if the pedophile is a prominent educator, family friend or church camp counselor.

Some broad topics for parents to consider:
Nearly half of offenders are relatives.
1:3 girls and 1:4 boys are victims –25% are less than age 5.
There is safety in numbers. Do not let children walk or bicycle alone.
Do background checks on babysitters.
Talk to your children. Teach them appropriate touching.
Educate older children about Internet safety.

Child pornography is epidemic. Most child victims are under the age of 12 and as young as infants. It is illegal to possess, share and sell images. Pedophiles often store numerous pornographic images of children on their computers, and on their cellphones. Using the Child Recognition and Identification System at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, they have rescued children, prosecuted perpetrators and seized child pornography collections in thousands of investigations. The FBI is working internationally with Europol/Interpol in their efforts to stop child trafficking. In the past year they have identified and broken a trafficking ring, saved numerous children and prosecuted both traffickers and rapists.

As an ER physician, I cared for many child victims and their families. Each time I do a presentation on the topic, many adults thank me for the information and many have reported their own sexual abuse for the first time. Reporting and obtaining counseling are helpful steps in the recovery process.




For more information:


51-7zjnViaL._AA160_Kindle: $3.99

Paperback $9.99   http://


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