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Dr. Kuffel’s work brought her close to many crime victims, investigators and perpetrators. Unique cooperation from Montana law enforcement assisted in her quest for the accurate depiction of pedophile behavior in Eyes of a Pedophile and to help people protect children


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Heart disease is the number one cause of death in both men and women. Significant improvements have occurred in recent years through education, exercise, diet control and smoking cessation. YOUR HEART – PREVENT & REVERSE HEART DISEASE IN WOMEN, MEN & CHILDREN was written as a guide to improve heart health.

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Modern Birth Control - Kindle Cover

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Medical information in this booklet provides the basic biology of reproduction and the latest contraceptive options for men and women. Details include a factual basis for discussing sexuality with partners and maturing children. SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES: Learn about the diseases and treatments. Some are curable. Others are not. Some could kill you.Learn how to avoid STDs. SEXUAL ASSAULT: Learn safety actions to avoid assault. If you are assaulted, learn what to do.

Make important life decisions based on knowledge. Birth control is about informed choices, not chance.

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