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Author and retired medical doctor with broad interests in writing, flying, photography and outdoor life. She is a monthly health columnist in Montana Woman Magazine and has six nonfiction & fiction Indie published books available on Amazon. Writing projects include: multiple books of fiction including a biological thriller, medical thriller series, a romantic intrigue, apsychological thriller set in 1960 she is co-authoring with her sister Bev, and others in process. Dr. Kuffel lives in MT with husband Tom, two dogs and neighborhood deer.

Marketing Indie Books

Indie-authors publish their books on Amazon and many other sites without the help of agents. There are advantages such as receiving 70% royalty on the cover price of e-books. The huge disadvantage is many excellent books go unnoticed due to … Continue reading

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On Amazon: Jan. 5 & 6           JANUARY 5 & 6 FREE MEDICAL THRILLER Deadly Pyre is the first in my Kelly McKay Medical Thriller Series. Experiences as an ER physician and pilot energize my writing. … Continue reading

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Extinction – A Biological Thriller

A new thriller coming soon. Continue reading

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Free Medical Thriller e-Books

Read two new thrillers free. Continue reading

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Fatal Feast – a biological thriller

Prion Disease   Chronic Wasting Disease = Mad Cow Disease = Human Disease If you are a meat eater, is it time to worry? Maybe. Eating meat can kill you. Remember the Mad Cow disease outbreak in Great Britain in … Continue reading

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Your Heart – Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease in Women, Men & Children  MAKE CHANGES AND LIVE LONGER FREE E-BOOK    ♥     FEBRUARY 13, 14 & 15  ♥ Heart Disease – Then and Now The United States designated February 1964 as the … Continue reading

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Three New Books

Once in a Blue Moon news! Once in a blue moon means it’s a rare occurrence. How about once in a blue blood moon? January 31, 2018 not only brought us a lunar eclipse during a blue moon, it was … Continue reading

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A New Year, A New Beginning

Reflections on 2017 and Activism Landing upside down in the wreckage of our airplane in the snowy mountains of Idaho with bones sticking through my favorite jeans a few years ago was easier than coping with the first year of … Continue reading

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Medical Thriller

Amazon Scout Publishing Contest Hi to all, After years of writing, finishing ten books, three of them nonfiction (indie-published and available on Amazon), I finally completed editing the first book in a medical thriller series.  I am hoping to win … Continue reading

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Books that could save your life

After writing for many years while still working in medicine, I completed ten books, but went on to the next before finalizing and trying to find an agent and publisher. After retiring, I felt compelled to publish three important medical … Continue reading

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